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      Dongguan Liyuan Wire Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of power cords, AC wall plug, power adapter and other products. 

      Our one piece from stretching, extrusion copper wire to the plug, advanced manufacturing mode, to precisely and quickly provide you with professional unique power cord products. 
      As the production of dealers, according to the quality standards to produce the world's practical, safe, secure power cord is our goal. Since its 2010 inception, has been adhering to the "customer requirements, is the quality standard" quality guidelines. Internally constantly advocate "Quality is the life," the concept of quality and focus on technology and innovation management; improve self-discipline to improve the style, while more intensive services outside full awareness! To provide customers with the best products and the best quality service. 
      In today's era of green, the pace of innovation never pause. Products give customers more energy, more low, more environmentally friendly life enjoyment has been the direction of our continuous efforts. Grasp the development trend of global wires, always describe the latest results prospective study of the safety standards of the countries of the world. The company has received the American UL ...
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Dongguan Liyuan Wire Industries Limited

TEL :0769-85706025/88034806/83066864

FAX :0769-85707356

Business Contact:

Mr. Chen Gang - 13038805589

Miss Liu Yang - 13829130920

Mr. Feng Zhibin - 13480093058

Mr. Chen Xiangyun - 13642860704


Address: Dongguan Humen small pits Jie Jie Road 161

Japan Inc

Contact: Okura Keiichi /k.ogura

Phone: /070-50783771

China /13829189678


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